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Dance Classes for Kids and Adults


Concordia Arts Academy offers ballet classes with a classical approach from ages 3 through adult.  Our ballet instructors are Vaganova trained and put proper technique and safety first in teaching students correct form and preparing our more advanced students in en pointe! Ballet is a pre-requisite to be in modern, contemporary, lyrical or jazz.  Concordia’s ballet classes have the opportunity to perform in our Fall/Winter recitals, Theatre performances, Spring Shows and other various community opportunities.  Ballet is a beautiful art form and the basis for most dance genres.  Students must adjudicate to be in Ballet Levels 1 through 5.


Megan en pointe

Tap classes at Concordia Arts Academy start as young as 3 years old.  Rhythm is the basis of all dance and we encourage our dancers to study tap to gain confidence in rhythm and stage presence.  We offer tap classes and private lessons through advanced levels and offer tap master classes periodically.  No split sole tap shoes allowed, must purchase tap shoes in studio to ensure correct fitting and style.  Inquire within about trying out for our TAP TEAM!

photo credits:  Day 1 Graphics and Media/Evan Butler and Sarah Tatom






Modern dance begins for the inspired dancer at Concordia Arts Academy for the young and more advanced dancer.  Modern combines theatrical and contemporary, while developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas. All modern dancers at Concordia must take ballet and are encouraged to take other dance forms as well (with the exception of minis modern). Madison Hopkins, our modern director is trained in many classical forms of modern including (but not limited) to Martha Graham, Horton and received a full scholarship to Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts.  She also studied dance at Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, and Florida State University.

photo credits:  Sarah Linnea Tatom


Hip-Hop is a fun and energetic dance form for all!  Our hip-hop instructor offers her very own curriculum in our hip-hop classes and delivers unique, family-friendly and quality choreography at every age level.

photo credits:  Sarah Linnea Tatom




Concordia Arts Academy offers jazz/tap and jazz/ballet combo for young beginners.  To be in Jazz 1, Jazz Company 2, Jazz Company 3 or 4, students must take ballet.  Jazz dance is often credited as American, however, in actuality it originates from African American vernacular dance that came about during the late 1800s.  Jazz dance formed an impressive series of dance techniques and steps that made history.  Original jazz steps were exemplified out in the plantations, as a crossbreed of American culture, European jigs and the music and movement tradition of the African slaves.


shadow dance











Concordia Arts Academy offers classes with certified teachers in aerial, silks, lyra, contortion and more.  Our teachers value and emphasize safety and etiquette in this beautiful and unique art form.  Children as young as 6 years of age can study this wonderful art form.  Concordia also offers classes for the intermediate aerialist through advanced levels.  Concordia students that take this class will be featured in our performances.  We also offer aerial/apparatus for adult students. 

peter flying

tink flying upside down






Lyrical dance is based off of ballet with a style that lends its dance form to the lyrics of the song and lyrical choreographers often borrow jazz and contemporary styles in the lyrical dance.  All Concordia lyrical students must be in our ballet program (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).

Contemporary dance began at the start of the 20th century when dancer Isadora Duncan (1878–1927) broke away from classical ballet and developed her own style. Contemporary dance infuses many different genres, some of them closely linked to music, such as jazz, rock, hip hop and pop.  Concordia students in Contemporary must take at least 1 hour of ballet per week.

Natives of Neverlandmermaid pose








 TUMBLE and ACRO classes are offered for the beginner tumbler through intermediate/advanced acro artist. 


tumble stock photo








Musical Theatre is led by our Founder and Creative Director, Kate Butler.  With a passion for classic theatre and Musical Theatre combined, Kate features the best in all students by pushing them to do shows and characters they have never done before.  All students in any level of Musical Theatre sing, act, dance, learn theatre education, props and MORE!  Our Musical Theatre teaching team consists of educated, experienced teachers:   Lori Brown (Homeschool), Allison Little (Level 1 and 2) and Jodi Marcum and Kate Butler (Levels 3 and up)  Each year our Musical Theatre classes put on outstanding full productions in the Fall and Spring seasons.



We offer adult dance and adult aerial silks/apparatus.  Inquire within.




Fall/Spring Dress Code 2017-18

For ALL classes: Wear a cover up in and out of the building and NEVER wear dance shoes outside. All dance wear/dance shoes should be purchased through Concordia. Ballet leotards, tap shoes, ballet shoes and hip hop shoes, hip hop T-shirts must be purchased at Concordia.


Tap/Jazz/Ballet or Combo classes (age 7 and under): Black leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap or black jazz shoes, hair in bun or braided back, skirt optional (pink)

Ballet Minis/Tap Minis/Minis modernPink leo, pink tights (convertible for minis modern), pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, hair in bun, skirt optional (pink)

Ballet 1A: Mint leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt optional (pink)

Ballet 1B: Red Leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt optional (black)

Ballet 1C: Blue leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt optional (black)

Ballet 2A and 2B: Purple leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt (black)

Ballet 3: Turquoise leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt (floral skirt from Concordia)

Ballet 4 and 5: Black leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun, skirt (floral skirt from Concordia)

Tap 1, 2, 3, 4 or Jazz 1, Jazz Co. 2, Jazz Co. 3, Jazz Co. 4: Black leo, black leggings, dance pants or tights, hair pulled up, black tap shoes or black jazz shoes (purchase in studio)

Aerial, Silks: Long sleeve fitted T or a leotard with T-shirt over it, leggings, bare-feet

Hip Hop (all levels): Hip Hop shoes (purchased in studio) with socks, any leggings or athletic bottoms, appropriate Concordia shirt (specific color for specific class) hair up

Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern: Any capri leggings, any fitted long tank or any leo (modest). Hair up. Modern and Contemporary: bare-feet, Lyrical: foot undeez

Musical Theatre/Minis Theatre/Broadway Babies: Black bottoms (knee length or longer), Concordia T-shirt or black leotard, hair pulled back, black jazz shoes

TUMBLE/ACRO: Leo with capri leggings or long fitted bike shorts or a long unitard, bare-feet, hair up

Homeschool Dance/Teen Ballet: Any color leo, convertible tights, hair in bun, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, shirt/leggings for aerial


All Classes: Concordia T-shirt, Black athletic shorts or pants, black socks, black ballet pants for ballet

Shoes (boys):

Tap – Black lace up tap shoes (purchased in studio)

Jazz or MT – black slip on or lace up jazz shoes (purchased in studio)

Ballet – Black ballet shoes (purchased in studio)

Hip Hop – Hip Hop Shoes (purchased in studio)

Tumble, Modern, Aerial – Bare-feet