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Performance Schedule/Rehearsal Dates


Sat, March 10:  7pm Aerial & Art Show (Aerial classesArt students display/sell art)

Sat, April 14: 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm Classical Music Recitals

Sun, April 15: 3:00pm Commercial Music Show

Sat, April 28: 10:30am THE JUNGLE BOOK Minis Dance Show, Kid’s Hip Hop (ALL Minis Classes)

Wed, May 30:  Dress Rehearsals (Dance classes Levels 1 through 5)

Thur, May 31:  Dress Rehearsals (Musical Theatre and Aerial Classes)

Fri, June 1:  7:00pm THE JUNGLE BOOK Dance Show  (all dance classes Levels 1 through 5, NO aerial in this show)

Sat, June 2:  12:00pm Level 1 MT and Aerial 1,  3:00pm Level 2 MT and Aerial 2, 7:00pm Level 3 MT and Aerial 3.  THE JUNGLE BOOK Musical Theatre Shows (ALL aerial classes and a few level 3 to 5 dance classes will be in these shows)