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Tuition/Policies/Dress Code

Fee Schedule 2018-19 <<<click here to view and/or download. 

POLICIES and PROCEDURES (by signing our registration form it means you have read and agree to the following):

Parent/Guardian Responsibility to be aware of dates, events, changes due to weather.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or adult student to be aware of academy activities such as rehearsals, recitals, shows, performances and dates that we are open and/or closed. Concordia will post notices on our Facebook families page as well as provide an annual calendar.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to regularly check the families page on Facebook, our website, and all incoming emails to ensure they are informed of our events or changes. It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian or adult student to inform the academy of any address, e-mail or telephone number change.  Concordia Arts Academy is a technology-based academy and our primary method of communication is via email for notices and receipts. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that they are receiving and reading academy emails and updates on our pages/website.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to READ their recital packets and follow those instructions for rehearsals, make up, pictures, hair, arrival times, video and tickets.

ENROLLMENT: Fall/Spring from Aug 14 2018 through May 22, 2019. Enrollment fee is $25 due at registration for dance/musical theatre or $15 per music student. A 30-day notice is required to discontinue private and/or group lessons or classes.  There is no discontinuing tuition for homeschool classes for the 10 month period.

LESSONS: Private Music students can choose from piano, bass, guitar, violin, voice, cello, flute, mandolin, viola. Private Dance students can choose from aerial silks, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tumble/acro, modern or hip hop.

GROUP classes: are available for Suzuki Strings, Musical Theatre, songwriting, all genres of dance, aerial and tumbling.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: Music student need to practice at least 4 to 5 days per week for the student’s progress to excel. Suzuki students need to listen to their CD at least 5 days per week and listen ahead in their songs. Let your teacher know if you need more practicing tips. Dance students are encouraged to stretch and practice their dances at home at least 5 times per week.

MAKE UP LESSONS: Missed private lessons will not be deducted from monthly tuition. If your teacher misses a lesson he or she will make it up to you. There are no make up lessons if the student misses for a school function, party, going out of town etc…make up lessons are only granted if the child is sick and lessons will be made up at the teacher’s convenience or in the form of a master class. There are no make-ups for group classes.

HOLIDAY & SNOW DAYS:  Check our Facebook families page to be updated on inclement weather closings.  Our yearly calendar is on our schedule page.

RECITALS & SHOWS: There will be at least 2 to 3 performance opportunities including showcases through-out the year. ALL students are encouraged to perform!  All dance/musical theatre families will be expected to purchase designated make up and tights when needed for shows and those are separate from costume fees.

MONTHLY TUITION: Tuition is pro-rated over a 10-month period and never changes August through May. Late tuition results in an automatic $10 late fee. Returned Checks result in an automatic $30 fee. Tuition is late after the 5th of each month. No exceptions. 30 days late results in a $30 late fee and late fees will continue to double in cost each month up to $90 until tuition is caught up.  If tuition is paid by check or cash and is late more than 2 months within a 10 month period, the customer has to switch to auto-pay, no exceptions.  All homeschool classes must be on auto-pay, no exceptions.  Costume fees received after Feb 1st will be charged $80 per costume.

REFUNDS: NO refunds for Costume, Recital, Tickets, Registration Fees or Supply fees.  ALL costume fees are NON-refundable and due by Dec 1, 2017 unless you have multiple costumes (more than 4) on an auto-pay plan.  No exceptions, please do not ask any member of our staff to refund you for Recital, Tickets, Supply Fees, Costume or Registration Fees!   If student cannot participate in performance, they will still receive their costume.  Tights, Shoes and Make-Up are NON-Returnable and NON-Refundable.

SICKNESS:  DO NOT bring students into the building with fever or contagious disease, contagious skin fungus, or other contagious illnesses.  IF you do so, you will be asked to leave immediately and to not return until you bring a doctor’s note clearing the student.

DRESS CODE: Proper dress (including shoes for certain dance genres) should be followed or student will be asked to sit out by the teacher. Please read our dress code. NO STREET shoes allowed on the dance floors.

Care of Students:  Concordia Arts Academy is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents with students under the age of 5 are asked to remain nearby the academy during class (running errands is fine while your student is in class but please don’t go more than a few miles). Students under the age of 12 are not to be left at the academy for excessive time before or after lessons or classes. Parents, legal guardians, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on academy property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after lesson or class time.  Parents or guardians will clean up after their own children if they vomit, have bloody noses or have potty accidents.

SUMMER: Music students are required to do at least 4 private music lessons over the summer. Students are encouraged to do camps and intensives or master classes through out the summer. Level 3 and up dance students are required to do the minimum of 6 hours of ballet in addition to our dance intensive.  Level 2s are encouraged to take the minimum of 4 hours of ballet in addition to our dance intensive.  All dancers should take summer classes to keep up on flexibility, skills and agility.

CONDUCT: All students will be asked to act in a respectful manner toward each other and their teachers.  Students must clean up their trash and treat the property of Concordia in an appropriate manner. No peanuts are allowed in the building due to some extreme allergies by many of our students. If a student is overly disruptive they will be asked to sit out or leave at the teacher’s discretion.  If a student or parent is disrespectful to any Concordia teacher, staff member or student, they may be asked to leave Concordia.

Concordia Dress Code 2017-18<<<click here.  Dress code is enforced by all teachers and staff members.  Please read the dress code before signing your registration form.

Concordia Registration 2017-18 <<<click here.

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